"Adrian's philosophy is enabling me to see my sport, as well as my general fitness, in an entirely expanded dimension. His training in breathing, focus, flexibility, balance and strength have greatly contributed to my success as a professional athlete. His emphasis on the efficiency of movement is creating a new philosopht for me within my sport and is opening new doors, even after twenty years of involvement. I believe these mental and physical techniques provide me with a concrete advantage over my competition. Perhaps most importantly, this progression of learned skills translates far beyond the microcosm of my sport. I am convinced that continued involvement with Adrian's techniques will positively contribute to my wellness for the rest of my life."

--Nancy Reno (Pro Beach Volleyball World Champion)--


"As an orthopedic surgeon actively involved in sports medicine and sports competition, I find that Adrian Crook provides a much needed piece in the preparation of the elite and everyday athlete. He can teach balance and flexibility. Any movement on an athletic field requires balance, range of motion, stable joints and proprioception, specific to the individual skill. Adrian's protocols combine integrated and isolated closed chain training of muscle, connective tissue and joints. His athletes seem to achieve the coordinated movement and muscle development without excessive bulk and this leads to efficiency of movement, reduction of injury and increased individual achievement. I suggest you contact him for ways to improve your athlete's preparation. I have witnessed a demonstration at Club La Jolla and it is my opinion that this system of exercise, if practiced regularly and with proper instruction, will enable an athlete to achieve the mechanics necessary to avoid injury. The number of injuries we see today that result from an athlete's inadequate flexibility or poor coordination are significant."

--Thomas W. Harris, M.D. (Orthopedic Surgeon, Reconstructive Surgery Specialist)

"During my tenure as health editor at Men's Fitness magazine, I was privileged to meet Adrian Crook, an athlete, teacher and coach who had a profound impact on my approach to strength and flexibility training. Adrian teaches an arcane but highly effective system of exercises that develops power through movement. While most of his students are professional athletes, Adrian also shares his knowledge with elderly people and individuals recovering from illness. Indeed, the thrust of his work is that the way we move --is an important key to vitality, performance and injury prevention. His innate awareness of body dynamics enables him to show individuals how to apply these exercises in a way that, if followed carefully, yields rapid, lasting and indeed remarkable results. Finally, I think that Adrian infuses his lessons with a compassion that is, frankly, rare among coaches. He elicits results in all the right ways, by listening to his students, encouraging them, and guiding them."

--Ted G. Rand (Health Editor, Men's Fitness Magazine) --


As Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist for the U.S. Men's Soccer Team, I have learned to appreciate the demands and requirements of the sport of soccer at the elite levels........I was extremely fortunate to meet a flexibility and movement consultant by the name of Adrian Crook. Adrian demonstrated his dynamic flexibility routine and continually stressed some of the key elements which are not only fundamental to his regimen but to any aspiring athlete's. They are proper technique, balance, focus, strength, and discipline. his routines incorporate dynamic and ballistic movement patterns in a controlled manner. In the past, it was accepted that ballistic stretches were wrong and would be counterproductive and potentially injurious. Most sports though, are extremely ballistic in nature. After witnessing Adrian's routine, we implemented his program with several of our "tighter" athletes. The improvements that our players made in a relatively short time were shocking. Those players that began the program, continued to do the program several times a week on their own. The improvements continued and the players adopted Adrian's routine into their fitness program. I unconditionally recommend Adrian and his program to every trainer, therapist and athlete. Those athletes that are serious, disciplined and who adopt the program will benefit greatly in performance and longevity."

--Andrew Rudawsky, MS, PT, ATC (Head Athletic Trainer, U.S. National Soccer Team)--


"....Thanks to your training and techniques, stretching and movement exercises, stances and overall understanding of the true fundamentals of movement, some of the barriers that were holding back my improvements are finally crumbling........I always assumed that strength by weight training, flexibility by stretching along with some aerobic exercises was enough to and as sophisticated a program available to me. Adrian, I cannot believe that I was so ignorant about proper conditioning. Your program has given me the awareness for how my body works and the freedom for unrestricted movement. Some positions in the model golf swing are not obtainable without the sensitivity of how all your body parts work together and how flexibility is such a huge piece........You have really opened my eyes to the keys of control and effortless power. A proper foundation of foot, ankle, knee and hip with the upper torso working on top of this platform is invaluable in learning how the lower body really interacts with the upper body during the swing........Without the kinetic awareness you've given me, I never would have learned about how focusing your mind and energy on a specific target along with proper breathing can really coordinate your movements and make you so accurate. Adrian, I look forward to a continuing relationship with you as my movement & flexibility consultant and I feel as though we are just scratching the surface. I'm very excited about the possibilities."

--Bruce Bird (Professional Golfer)--


"I just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous seminar at last June's Ms. Fitness Magazine Official FITCAMP. Adrian's presentation was not only entertaining and informative, it bordered on the revolutionary (!). I continue to receive letters from women all over the world who attended the camp and who mention how much they enjoyed his "Flexibility Seminar." He's a warm and inspiring guy with an important message for athletes. Thanks again for making the technical so entertaining!"

--Greta Blackburn (Editor, Ms Fitness Magazine, FITCAMP Founder)-


"This letter is my highest personal and professional recommendation for Adrian Crook. His information, instruction and inspiration with athletes of all ages and abilities is quite special. In my experience, Adrian is the first real balance and flexibility coach to access the contemporary sports scene. I send my son Brian to him; that is the ultimate testimonial."

--Tom House (Coach, Texas Rangers)--


"I wanted to take the time to thank you for working with our baseball players here at the Sport Performance and Rehabilitation Center. Not only did our athletes benefit, but our staff realized that there is more than one way to facilitate changes. As clinicians, we have a tendency to limit ourselves to areas of application that are familiar to us and our staffs. Your approach to stretching and dynamic flexibility was a much needed change from traditional modes. Your title of Movement and Flexibility specialist is definitely specific to your service. All of our staff including Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Exercise Physiologists enjoyed your approach and methods. I found that our players had more dynamic strength, due in part to the controlled work throughout the entire Range of Motion. In addition, the emphasis that you place on pelvic and trunk stabilization during all of your movement phases is not only safe, but necessary for safe participation in all sports. I thought the athletes respoded very favorably to your sessions, and afterward were more focused on work. Thank you again for your advice and help, and I look forward to working with you again in the future."

-Brian Roberts, MS, ATC (Sport Performance and Rehabilitation Center "SPARC")-


"Prior to my participation in your movement program, I felt I was on the verge of retirement at the mere age of 30. ince beginning your routine, I have noticed a decreased level of pain, especially in my knees. Along with reduced joint pain, I have made great strides in improving my arm swing and other mechanics required of me in my profession, beach volleyball. I feel a renewed excitement for training and mental preparation. I hope the word gets out about your techniques and your powerful charisma. I sincerely feel I've added years to my career and to my overall life fitness due to the personal attention and commitment you've shown me during our training sessions. Thanks again and I'll see you in class!

--Angela Rock (Professional Beach Vollyball Player)--


"I am writing this letter on behalf of Adrian Crook, Flexibility and Movement Consultant. Mr. Crook worked extensively with our baseball team at Long Beach State University in the fall of 1994. It is without hesitation that I recommend his expertise for the development of college and professional baseball players. I have seen tremendous improvement in our athletes in the areas of flexibility, reaction time, strength, body control and balance. As a result, we enhance our hitting, pitching, fielding and throwing mechanics through our daily work with Adrian's program. I also notice many fewer injuries to our players and a quicker recovery rate from injury. I am a firm believer in the fact that a player must have control of his body and control of his focus before he can control his performance. This program allows us to do a better job of coaching our athletes, as they are in more control of their bodies and of their ability to focus. This program requires tremendous discipline and concentration and develops mental toughness as well. If I were a general manager of a professional team with the goal of player development and concern with injury prevention, I would not hesitate to seek the services of Adrian Crook."

--Dave Snow (Head Baseball Coach, Long Beach State University)--


"This is a thank-you note which is long overdue. A lack of self-confidence, lack of motivation, lack of focus, lack of endurance and uncoordinated; that would describe my son Adam four years ago. Then he started a program that cannot be measured in success yet. Today, he has developed a purpose in life, has motivation, is a senior in college, and in just four months he went from coaches passing him by to a baseball scholarship, from relief pitcher to a starter. A strength of character, a strength of body and a mental boost as well as a fantastic outlook on life now describes Adam. Adam always had the desire but needed help in showing him how to achieve his goal. I would attribute his success to both you and him. Each could not do it alone. I know he will use this knowledge the rest of his life. Thank you for your interest and support, as well as the program of stretching that Adam has put into his everyday life. What a difference!"

--Mary Ellen Bretag (Mom)--


"In the business of professional sports, unlike the entertainment and private sector, career success and longevity are essential. Beach volleyball is not the 'a-typical' professional sport and its athletes can go through a career unknown. As time passes and the network exposure increases, this scenario may change. But, one thing that is certain to everyone in the sport of professional beach volleyball, it is not a walk in the park. Combining the endurance, flexibility and mental stamina, beach volleyball lends itself to a very few elite athletes. I, as an agent, who worked with a key select group of professional volleyball athletes, am incredibly impressed by the results of Adrian Crook's work. During the ' 94 season, over fifty percent of the finalists on both the men's and women's tours are my clients (and Adrian's). I have seen some of my clients mature and focus in a very short period of time. Due to the rigorous tournament schedule thar these athletes have (including the brutal travel) recovery is most important. Seemingly the program they have developed with Adrian is achieving this. Professional beach volleyball players do not make the kind of money many other professional athletes make. On the other hand, I believe that working with Adrian will increase both their career longevity and performance. This will definitely give them an opportunity to bear the fruits of their tour's growth."

--W.B. Berger (Professional Sports Agent)--


"The other day while talking to my son, Adam, he mentioned that he was making great strides in his pitching on the baseball team at Illinois State University. I could not help thinking back to four years ago when Adam and I first met you. You were demonstrating your stretching and flexibility program for us. I was so impressed with your program that when I told my wife about it, she said she had never seen me so excited about any exercise program. My wife and I agreed at that time that our son needed to become a student of yours to help him overcome some of his physical problems. At that time in Adam's life he was overweight, had problems with a disc bulge and with his hamstrings. He also had other physical areas that needed immediate attention if he was to continue baseball. I cannot begin to tell you the change in Adam over the last four years: not only has he been able to overcome so many physical adversities but mentally he now has self-confidence, pride, and enthusiasm in everything, including school work in which his grade level has increased. Adam has reached a level both physically and mentally above my highest expectations. I know this has been accomplished because of the time he has spent with you, not only learning the right stretching and flexibility techniques, but also by becoming his mentor. All of which has helped Adam to become a very extraordinary young man."

--Paul Bretag (Dad)--