Excerpt from The Orange County Register

"Flexibility achieved through stretching couldn't be more important for athletic performance and injury prevention, said Adrian Crook, 43 of San Clemente, one of the sports world's leading evangelists of flexibility, balance and movement. Crook has been preaching these concepts to the people he trains: an impressive array of pro athletes, including the San Diego Chargers and the U.S. World Cup soccer team, as well as mere mortals. .....Crook said he has helped San Diego Charger John Carney enhance his kicking. Carney agrees. 'Adrian has helped me with flexibility, focus and concentration on my skill, which is place kicking,' Carney said. 'He takes exercises and flexibility movements that are specific to what I do.' .....'Flexibility keeps a person young in that it negates a particular process of aging - constriction and the diminished range of motion,' Crook said. 'When movements are limited, circulation is diminished and some areas become brittle.' "

Excerpt from The Salt Lake Tribune

"Adrian Crook is a fitness disciple dedicated to function, not form. He shared his gospel last week with Utah ski patrollers and ski instructors looking to enhance their skiing. Crook's message is simple: flexibility enhances any movement. A full-time fireman in San Clemente, Calif., Crook has become a nationally recognized flexibility and movement consultant. He has worked with volleyball players, such as Karch Kiraly and assistant Brigham Young University coach Troy Tanner; baseball coaches such as Tom House of the Texas Rangers; basketball athletes such as former BYU and L.A. Clippers player Mike Smith; and skiers, including the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) Demonstration Team."

Excerpt from The San Diego Union-Tribune

"Starting himself to develop sciatica, that sharp pain that runs down the back to the buttock all the way down the leg, Crook turned to a Chinese healer. Instructed to practice a series of stretching exercises, Crook honed the stretches to a science. He'd stretch late at night in a church parking lot, ignoring the derisive barbs from the passers-by. 'People would look at me and yell,' recalled Crook. 'They'd make their Bruce Lee noises and toot their horn.'

Crook is 43 now. A Santa Monica firefighter by day, Crook has developed his stretching routine into a second career. He's the star of a two part, 30-minute video. paid $100.00 an hour as a personal training guru, says he works with 20 clients a week and counts volleyball icon Karch Kiraly, Chargers kicker John Carney, Soccer coach Brian Quinn and pro surfer Shane Beschen among his clients. '.......I would like to play for a long time,' said Kiraly. 'I'm 36, and thanks to Adrian's program, I plan on playing a long time.' "

Excerpt from Golfweek

Dave Stockton is fighting age with exercise…

"According to statistics, a Senior PGA player has only a 9.36 percent chance of winning a tournament at the age of 56, based on the age of players competing since the tour began. That drops off to 4.78 percent at 57 and declines rapidly from there.

Toward the end Stockton has become physical. 'I'm working with weights and stretching programs,' said Stockton. he's working with Adrian Crooke, a former Santa Monica firefighter who is the stretching consultant for the U.S. Ski Team.

'It's a 45-minute program and I can't believe the difference in how I feel,' said Stockton. 'I'm so excited about playing golf. This whole year has a different flavor to it.'

A flavor of success, Stockton left unsaid.

Remember, this is a two-time PGA championship winner who put together four consecutive $1 million or more earning seasons…But 1997 was less than pleasing, with one late season victory and $854,611 in earnings. It made Stockton eager to fix things for 1998, no matter what it took.

The exercise program seems to be helping. He's tied his best senior start ever, compared with the first eight tournaments of any previous full year."

Excerpt from The Denver Post

"What Crook, a San Clemente, Calif., resident and a full time firefighter, says makes sense for every form of physical activity. Crook's client list, past and present, includes a raft of athletes in nearly every sport, among them several Olympic gold medalists and national champions. More recently, it contains the Professional Skiers Association of America, which retained him as featured speaker at its 1996 National Academy at Snowbird, Utah, and 1996 U.S. Demonstration Team conference at Copper Mountain. Dave Merriam of Stowe, Vt., coach of the demo team, became an instant convert. 'I was very tight and Adrian's routine loosened me right up. I saw an immediate effect,' the veteran instructor said. 'I've increased my flexibility in my ankles, thighs and hips and my skiing has improved.' "