The following images were taken from videos of actual sports broadcast and/or testimonials of those people who have had success with the INFLEX Method. To view the video in its entirety, just click on the play button. These videos will no doubt drive home the important role INFLEX plays in the professional sports world, and the difference it has made in the careers of some prominent professional athletes.


Troy Tanner (1988 Olympic Gold Medalist and 1991 AVP Rookie of the Year)

"I was on the brink of retirement fourteen months ago, when Karch Kiraly introduced me to Adrian Crook and his performance enhancement philosophy. The 1994 season has been the first injury-free season I have competed in since 1987 and I am grateful to Adrian for my renewed carreer."....."Again thanks to Adrian Crook I show continued improvement almost daily. I know I haven't reached my peak!"
Karch Kiraly (1988 Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion Pro Beach Volleyball Player)

Watch this video clip from the Atlanta summer olympics and listen to even more praise of the benefits of the INFLEX method. See Adrian Crook root for his student, Olympian Karch Kiraly as they execute another unbelievable score. "I can best describe it as a program that if done consistently, will help someone lead a long and healthy life......with an eye toward athletic competition, it's a program which improves your flexibility, balance, strength, focus, and quickness."
John Carney (San Diego Chargers kicker)

This video, courtesy of NBC Sports, shows very graphically the improvements of San Diego Chargers kicker John Carney made with the help of the INFLEX Method. You'll be amazed as even the announcers praise what INFLEX has done for John Carney's performance.
Jim Bush (Hall of Fame Track Coach)

"Adrian Crook has been working with me and my elite track athletes to show us his stretching techniques. I have a group of 4 young men, and 3 of them should qualify for the 1996 Olympics." "I started coaching in 1951. Over the years I had a lot of success not only as a track; football coach, but as a conditioning coach. Almost every major professional sport in Los Angeles hired me to condition their teams during the off season (Raiders, Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, Kings, plus individual pro athletes in other sports)." "I know what is needed to condition a team, but I was very impressed with the techniques Adrian used to stretch and strengthen the athlete's muscles." "Everyone should know that with a top program, better performance and fewer injuries will occur. I would not hesitate to recommend Adrian for any program."
Bert Mandelbaum, M.D. Team Physician, (U.S. World Cup & Olympic Soccer)

"At this time, I am writing an enthusiastic recommendation for Adrian Crook, a specialist in conditioning and flexibility for the elite athlete. I have known and worked with Adrian over the last several years. Through my experience as the Team Physician with U.S. Soccer, Adrian had a significant impact on the United States soccer team in the approach to the World Cup ' 94. Through his innovative, creative techniques, I believe that our team learned new techniques; of stretching, flexibility and injury prevention. In addition, his program served as a significant adjunct to facilitate the strengthening of our athletic group. As a sports medicine professional, I believe his input had an important; impact and role in the success of the World Cup 1994 team. He has worked with numerous other athletes with whom I have been familiar, all of whom sing praises to his creativeness, innovativness and results. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend Adrian Crook and his program in the facilitation of the elite athlete.