Magazine Articles Featuring the INFLEX Method:


Excerpt from October 1995 issue of
Men's Fitness Magazine:

He (Adrian Crook) practices a series of odd stretching and movement exercises he learned as a teenager from a mystical Chinese healer and kung fu master. The regimen gives him physical powers so far beyond those of most men, he is eagerly sought out by nationally ranked athletes looking for a magic elixir to help them perfect their performance and avoid injury. Fantasy? No, it's Adrian Crook's life. His unusual exercise routine lures big-name athletes such as volleyball pro and two-time Olympic gold medalist Karch Kiraly and 1994 leading NFL scorer John Carney. They come to Crook's Southern California home to be trained in exercises that Crook really learned from a Chinese master. This routine has helped people add inches to their vertical leap, given them remarkable flexibility and enabled them to command the sort of balance normally achieved only by ballet dancers.

Excerpt from May 1996 issue of Competitor Magazine:

"As a flexibility and movement consultant, I work with an array of world-class athletes, including volleyball great Karch Kiraly, PGA golfer Bill Glasson, world champion trials mountain biker Hans Rey, NFL leading scorer John Carney and King of the Beach Adam Johnson. All these athletes are driven to find a competitive edge and maximize their performance. As their trainer, their success is very important to me. But my primary goal is to teach them things necessary to achieve longevity in their sport, and ultimately, a long, active, healthy life."

Excerpt from The Professional Skier Magazine (first of a three-part series):

It is important for ski instructors to recognize that flexibility is the key element of movement and in developing sound mechanics. Whether you are trying to improve your own skiing, or offering suggestions to clients who may be trying to overcome roadblocks in their performance, these exercises can be very helpful. In fact, the exercises presented here are especially good for students who may be unable to keep their hips facing down the fall line.